Friday, 18 April 2014

Part 8 evaluation

looking back at the last 10 weeks was a series of roller coasters because from day one we had to make a lot of decision that led to many different ideas furthermore we have had through out the first two weeks of planning but once we had our idea we had high hope an expectorations because we was all very enthusiastic about the idea of this furthermore we have had to sit down and discuss many other ideas like sounds fonts sfx fx making sure that the title sequence is appropriate to the story board and our original idea. i feel that if we had extra time i could of made the sequence more smooth and effective but form the time period we had and the technology we had i am very impressed with the work furthermore i feel that with the group that i was in it was a very successful time because we was very familiar with each other and each others skills.

Part 7 evaluation

 Our target audience was 15 -25 year old and I felt that our media title sequence did reach out to this age range because of the fact it was a horror and thriller and this was very effective. In our title sequence we had covered the areas that would be beneficial to our audience because the protagonists are all the same ages as the audience and the plot/story line is relate-able because they are going to a party furthermore with them being teens they are able to exploit new and frowned upon situations because we are conforming to the stereotypes which appeals to the audience.

we asked our colleges and they gave back some really good and beneficial feedback because this gave us a foundation to work on plus with that feed back we had common questions like what is that man doing? what has he got to do with the story? these helped us because is will entice the audience to carry on watching the film and this would be very good for our film. 

Part 6 evaluation

the task that we was set was making a title sequence for a chosen genre of our choice i have decided to go with jeevan and billy and between us we have a lot of technical skills that could provide as an asset because with these skill we was able to split of and work in our areas that we have the most knowledge of once we had split up we chose to regularly meet and discus the progress.

the technology that we had one issues with to start with was the camera because it was quite a technical piece of equipment we had to ask for assistance because we had to make sure once we went out to film we didn't have any queries that would make us unable to film. with the camera i found that once i had a grasp of it it was a very easy piece of equipment to understand and use and because of this i was able to utilise the different settings and use them to my advantage as a group when we decided to use the DSLR we could then focus on the shots and the effect that we could do to the shots.

another technology we had to over come and learn was final cut pro because i have used his before but because it was only a brief moment but when we sat down and discovered all of the hidden setting and the effect they had to offer i had a very easy time establishing the different styles that we could have it in furthermore once i had shown my group the differences from the rough to the final piece i got advice on where they would like to see different ideas or where an area could be improved but overall i found the technology at our disposal a struggle but it was very beneficial.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Part 5 evaluation

the audience that we have chose is band E -D teenagers and employed because they will be the band of people that would be looking for adventure and from this they would be the primary audience and the specific age group that we chose would be 15-18 year old as our primary audience because they have the most disposable income because they wouldn't have any need to spend and save vast amounts of money so they could then be able to waste their money furthermore with this age range they don't have any commitments so they can have a very easy and casual life style and this is beneficial because they would have a very happy life style. the secondary age range would be 19-25 and this is because they would have a very stable job with a regular income and they would have the income that they could dispose of if they wanted to go to the cinema and because of this they would be ideal as our audience.

Part 4 evaluation

For my product it conforms to the codes and conventions because the way that our sequence was filmed it had to conforms to the codes and conventions of the horror genre because if we didn't cover most of the conventions we would not successfully make it properly and it would not be effective.

in the sequence we have a series of different shots like close ups of the mysterious man hand to keep his cover hidden and to see what he is doing this creates suspicion and constant enigma because of his actions are confusing because throughout the sequence you re asking questions like why is he doing that? why does he have those pictures? with this the sequence was entirely inspired with the sequences by "se7en" and "the conjuring" and because they had a very successful film through its effects and the plot lines.

 Codes & Conventions of Horror (Camera Angles)Extreme close ups (emphasise the subject) Tilt (to create disorientation) Establishing shots (showing location, stereotypically isolated buildings e.g. mansions or forests) Handheld (looks realistic, making it feel more believable,) Long shots (help show the danger or what the lead character is surrounded by, usually isolated) Tracking (where the camera moves at the side, following a character) Dollying (where the camera follows the character from in front or behind, to make it feel as if the character is being followed/stalked)Point of view shot (so the audience can see what the character sees, to feel as if we are looking through their eyes) Atmosphere is usually sinister and location often appears dark and isolated. Often do not always use well known star actors or actresses as the audience feel more uncomfortable with actors they don’t recognise as it makes them feel less secure Montage editing and quick shots in the trailer to increase tension and suspense.

these codes and conventions are very significant to our title sequence because with these codes and conventions we was able to pin point and adjust our title sequence to suit and make sure that they conform with all of these in addition to this with our sequence the group made sure that it was covering all of the bases. in the sequence we have chose very eerie and disturbing music that was made by Billy furthermore the titles themselves had to be suitable and these were chosen by and made by jeevan . 

we have not used any actors that we have known because this gave us a chance to explore more actors and other actresses that specialise in the field in horror and we decided to use walk in auditions because this would of cost less.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

part 3 evaluation

The production company that we would use is New line cinema because they are a very good supporter of the genre horror and furthermore they know how to distribute a film in such a way that results in massive comeback in funds furthermore we decided to use a budget of £20 million because this is a reasonable amount for a horror because you don't need a lot because there is not much special effect or expensive computer generated images  and because it had such a good result in america and the UK we hope that the same result should return. the success of the film "se7en" and "The conjuring"
was phenomenal because " the conjuring" had a $ 20 million budget and made over $318 million as a total gross for a film and the grossing for the film "se7en " was very similar we believe that the UK and the american audience love a low budget horror that will make a scare so we decided to focus all of our distribution over to them countries.

part 2 evauation

for our title sequence the waking hour we have chose the perfect target audience to be we decided to chose a audience between 15-30 and a annual income of £21-35000 a year because they would be the perfect age for having the income and the need to go out and because of the ages they will like to see horrors because it will give them a adrenaline rush that they crave. we decided to have it directed under a previous and famous director that done the conjuring James wan because his work on his conjuring and he second film has shown interest in the film industry but the actor to all be inters because this will sae money but we decided to have Patrick Wilson because he is know for doing other horrors and psycho thrillers so he will be out main cast member.

for our resarch before we started the production of the film we looking in to other films in the same genre and two films that caught the groups eyes was ''se7en'' and "the conjuring" and the reason we like these was the fact of the mysterious writing and behaviours that have been used to effect the audicens and cause confusion and the same with the conjuring because of the simplicity of it but the affectivness was highly noticble we based our marketing on these films and becaue of the fact that they are a sucess of their way of marketing we would use the same techniques of this like tv market campaigns and advertisement around the country, from the research we had made we decided to specify where would relase the film to maximise the target audience response and the maximum income.